Digital Efficiency Training Certification

Course Name: Digital Efficiency Training Certification
Course Name: Digital Media Certification
Course Name: ROOK Connect ERP
Course Name: Precision Workflow ERP
Course Name: Clinic Ace ERP
Course Name: Break the Barrier Innovation ERP
Course Name: Realtor Navigator ERP

Platform: Classroom Training
Platform: Virtual Conference Training

Instructor: Kenneth Bond, Enterprise Solutions Architect

As an Enterprise Solutions Architect, I have been involved with all levels of integrating digital processes, from the management of development teams all the way through to the training and implementation of software/ERP solutions into a variety of business industries. With an education in business, 15+ years experience creating and integrating digital efficiencies, and working with custom software solutions and ERP’s, I’ve not only got the hands on knowledge of the challenges and GAPS businesses face when going digital; I have a working knowledge of how the software needs to function at every level of the business.

With a passion for working with people and making software/ERP learning fun and exciting, my approach to training is completely hands on. I’m very passionate about the power of integrating digital processes, and the resulting efficiencies and team building opportunities that can come from a properly trained team capitalizing on a software/ERP platform integration. Working with businesses to increase their overall efficiency and drive innovation through the application and training of visualization tools and data analytics, I am re-shaping and re-engineering the way businesses utilize digital processes, creating a positive learning environment that enhances each team’s ability to operate and deliver on the day to day operations of the company.

Total Hourly Rate Per Staff: $200 + GST

Workshop 1 - Software Introduction

Workshop 2 - Customer Relationship Manager

Workshop 3 - Human Resources
Workshop 4 - Orientations
Workshop 5 - Schedule, Track & Manage Time
Workshop 6 - Compensation Reports & Time Sheets
Workshop 7 - Inventory Management
Workshop 8 - Equipment Management
Workshop 9 - Collaborative Workflow
Workshop 10 - Digital Documents, Forms & Charts
Workshop 11 - Match Program
Workshop 12 - Individual Support Plans (ISP)
Workshop 13 - Information Gathering & Intake Forms
Workshop 14 - Leads & Sales Management
Workshop 15 - Estimating, Rate Cards & Quoting
Workshop 16 - Collaboration Tools & Applications
Workshop 17 - Journaling, Log Notes & Alerts
Workshop 18 - Social Story Tracking & Support
Workshop 19 - Checklists
Workshop 20 - Safety & Incident Reporting
Workshop 21 - Invoicing, POS & Accountability
Workshop 22 - Sales/Vendor & Order Forms
Workshop 23 - Project/Job Management
Workshop 24 - Manufacturing & Shop Management
Workshop 25 - Field Jobs
Workshop 26 - Expense Reporting & Budgeting
Workshop 27 - Marketing & Advertising
Workshop 28 - SMART Analytics & Reporting

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