4 Ways Developments in 3D Printing May Change Your Life

June 30, 2015 10:39 pm | Category: , , ,

3D Printing

3D printing is in the process of revolutionizing everything we do, from buying a car to getting medical help. The technology of 3D printing has become so advanced that what seemed like fantasy just years ago now seems applicable and executable within our lifespans! While almost unbelievable, here are some options where you may find yourself using 3D printing in the next decade:

1. Houses

A Chinese company named Winsun has researched 3D printing technology for building houses. A process which usually takes tens of thousands of dollars in materials and labour, Winsun has found a way to reduce the cost to just $5000 per house. While not exactly spacious, they report that they can get out 10 houses per day using their 3D printing technique. The technology doesn’t stop there, however Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis is looking to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing a house even more. Khoshnevis is looking to create a gigantic 3D printer that can print the entire house, no assembly required, including structure, electrical, and even plumbing. Watch the video below to find out more about Winsun and see how their 3D printing works.

2. Food

Have you ever wanted something to eat but have been too lazy to cook it? Well with Foodini you will no longer have to worry. Foodini holds five capsules containing different ingredients which as each ingredient is required they are printed as your food of choice. You would be able to print food such as a hamburger all the way to a lasagna! You may think that this would be unhealthy but foodini is looking  to replace itself as a healthier alternative to prepackaged microwaveable meals. Foodini has managed to lower the amount of preservatives in their food capsules to create a healthier option for someone who is looking for a meal on the go! Linked below is a video showing the creation of the a hamburger using the foodini!

3. Bio-Printing

3D printing doesn’t just have a place in the home comfort market; a big part of 3D printing technology is using it in medical practice. Bio-printing can be used to create organic tissue that can be used for skin, organs, and even something as complex as veins! Bio-printing isn’t limited to organic printing, however, items such as a jaw implants or windpipes can be created. Recently a surgical team in New York City managed to completely print a 3D heart for an infant that they were able to use temporarily while they fixed the old one because of a CHD condition. Below is a video of Bio-Printing and its current uses in medicine.

4. Car

The Strati is the world’s first drivable 3D printed car. The car can only travel up to a whopping 50 miles per hour, so you aren’t going to be going anywhere fast. The Strati is looking to be street legal next year (only in residential areas), and you will have to shell out $18,000 to get your hands on it. It boasts being completely recyclable so as upgrades become available you can simply drop it off and they will print you a new one. Another example of a 3D car that is a bit further along is “The Blade”. At 90% lighter than the average car it is able to go from 0-60 m.p.h. in just 2.2 seconds.  The Blade carries a 700HP engine that can run on compressed natural gas – which makes it one of the more environmentally cars around. Divergent, the company that created the car, is looking to sell a small number of the cars initially but then sell the technology to smaller manufacturers to make their own vehicles. Watch the video to see the footage of The Strati in action.