4 Wearable Gizmos and Gadgets

July 9, 2015 6:12 pm | Category:

1.Skully AR-1 Helmet

Have you ever wanted to feel like Ironman? Well, the full tech suit may be a few years off still, but Skully is definitely trying to capture the experience! The Skully AR-1 Smart Helmet contains an android powered HUD inside. It gives you detailed road layouts, GPS mapping, and rear camera view all from within the helmet. All controls are voice controlled so you can change your music, have hands free calling, and even get directions, all in traditional Ironman fashion. You can pre-order them now for $1,399 so if you have the cash floating around and you want to look like you on  your way to a Tron re-enactment you can pre order them at http://www.skully.com/#perks.


2.Nixie Wearable Drone

One of the downside of drones is they are huge, so what if we told you that you can get one that you can wear on your wrist? Nixie’s drone project has created just that. The drone attaches onto your wrist for carrying around, but when you want a picture or video it flies off and then after the deed is done will automatically return to the user. Boomerang mode is the only mode, but others are currently in development, it can take 1080p video, and take amazing shots from the air. Check out this video to see the Nixie in action!


3.NFC Wristbands

In the last few years the decline of cash and the rise of plastic is apparent. Along with new technology such as tap, cash really is losing its prominence.  Companies such as Pebble, Apple, and Samsung are making even cards a thing of the past. bPay is a wristband you wear that has a NFC chip inside that works just like the tap on your credit card. The key here is convenience – no more having to fish around for your card and then forgetting it at the counter, no need to bring your wallet to events, and no more forgetting your cards at home. The technology is also expandable to incorporate logins, health measurements, and even area access. bPay is paving the way for NFC technologies and I am sure we will see more companies pop up with similar products soon. Check out this video to find out more.



There are multiple problems with our current phone system:  if one part breaks you have to get an entirely new phone, the amount we go through them creates pollution and is wasteful, and you have to choose from models which may not encompass exactly what you want. Phonebloks looks to solve all of these problems with their new phone technology. Unlike a normal phone, Phonebloks has created a phone where YOU get to choose the parts and functionality you want. Do you want a longer battery life? Get a bigger battery module. Bluetooth not important to you? Take out the bluetooth module! If modules on your phone break they are easily replaceable, which makes reduces pollution and waste. Phonebloks’ goal is to reduce pollution, waste, and create a phone that is customizable for you, and who wouldn’t like that?