Asking the Right Questions for your Business

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Automatization Visualisation, Tracking & Big Data Reporting


Are you connected to your customers? What can a digital media group do that you’re not for your business now?

Hiring individual people only provides your business with individual skill sets; hiring a media group empowers your business with a variety of professional digital marketing skills all working to increase your success. Fresh Focus Media ties your entire business together, from your company messaging, to your online presence, all the way through to your internal operational efficiency. Contact Fresh Focus Media:


How are you running your data?

Join the digital evolution with Rook Connect software. We take the guesswork out of your business by increasing your operational efficiency and empowering your business to run smarter and more cost effectively. Rook Connect software provides you with proven software that implements strategic business processes, efficiencies, accountability and reporting that brings your team together. Contact Rook Connect:


How are you reporting your results?

Clinic Ace was developed in collaboration with clinicians who were struggling with the current solutions available. While many solutions offered the ability to be accessible anywhere; the problem was that the software still worked the same as older solutions, making it challenging to use for staff and not providing reporting and efficiency based applications or configuration. The goal of Clinic Ace is to ensure that the clinic, staff, clinician, various services and patient care processes are clearly identified, followed and executed on.

We’ve combined the individual tools needed to make your clinic successful with strategic processes that are proven to work, to create one piece of software to get your entire business working together towards the same goal – success! Contact Clinic Ace:


Do you have a new business idea and need support or even a partner?

Need help bringing a new product or service to fruition or even to market? Have a great addition to your current business and don’t know what the next steps are? Fresh Focus Media has a program and a process that can help.