5 Best ERP Software & Service providers 2022

ROOK Connect’s growth is nothing short of amazing. With record-breaking sales year after year, the company has been able to grow, evolve and adapt to the market’s demands and come out on top. With customers expanding throughout North America and small pockets throughout other countries, ROOK Connect now has its sights on the UK and…

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Top 10 Unstoppable Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2022

With the development of his own nationally recognized software platform ROOK Connect, Kenneth has uniquely combined marketing strategies with execution processes. Fresh Focus Media, ROOK Connect software and Kenneth himself are literally taking the business world by storm.   About The Dynamic Leader Kenneth Bond is the Founder & CEO of Fresh Focus Media &…

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Business Talk has been an active witness in the success journey of the leaders who have surpassed the challenges by producing creative and innovative breakthroughs. We have been a huge player in featuring numerous companies. We are back with another success story of passion and zeal for our global readership panel. Our editorial team had…

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ROOK Connect wins the Innovation Award at the CRRA Annual Awards Gala!

The CRRA’s 2022 Annual Awards Gala was held in the evening on June 16th at the Carriage House Hotel & Conference Centre, and what a delightful affair it was!  This year, there was added flair to enhance the evening and provide a more comfortable and social atmosphere. As soon as attendees entered the event, they were…

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Simplify Your Marketing

Simplify Your Marketing CRRA Alberta Rental Review, Q1 – 2022 Edition There’s a reason why marketing and advertising are specialized trades practiced by business professionals – marketing and advertising works! What could be more important for a business than a steady customer flow, efficient methods for ensuring customer satisfaction and a retention plan focused on…

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The Top 100 Canadian Professionals | Top 3 Ranked In The Top 100 Businesses 2021

Kenneth Bond, CEO and founder of Fresh Focus Media is proud to be recognized and featured as part of Canada’s top 100 companies by the Top 100 Magazine for his work in FFM’s sister company, ROOK Connect

As CEO of ROOK Connect, Kenneth Bond is one of the few enterprise software solution architects and the founder of an innovative, operationally driven technology company based in Alberta, Canada. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology, he leads an extremely diverse team on a mission to reshape and re-engineer the way businesses utilize digital strategies to drive efficiencies, streamline business practices, increase reporting and deliver results to customer’s bottom lines. Kenneth credits his successes to the amazing customer relationships he has built with his global customers, and the result-driven success ROOK Connect guarantees.

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