Should I Redesign my Website?

Redesigning your website can give you a lot more advantages than just making it look prettier. Adjusting your site’s design, flow, and information can help improve your business and find previously inaccessible clientele. In this post we’ll go over some of the benefits of working with a media company to undergo a website redesign. 1.…

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Why Would I Need Field Service Software?

If you are debating if your company needs field service software, below are five reasons why you should consider setting up software customized specifically for you: 1. Keeping Track of your Workforce. Your workforce can be spread all over the country in multiple locations, and it can be difficult to know where everyone is, what…

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Top 5 Marketing Mishaps

Not everyone is perfect, and that includes marketers. Most of the time you are able to sweep it under the rug and continue on with your life, but what happens when you’re a multimillion dollar company and the mistakes cost serious money? In this post, we delve into our top 5 marketing mishaps from many…

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Top 5 Technologies We Stole from Mother Nature

1.Artificial Intelligence AI is one of the most obvious ones in this list. Intelligence and self thought itself are inspired from the very thing thinking about it, human intelligence! While AI is a broad topic, even small things, like calculators, can be classified as AI and were made to mimic things that humans have been…

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Our Top 10 Art Installations

  1. Daniel Lyman’s SWAY’D Daniel Lyman’s installation in Salt Lake City is a piece that is made up of 1,000 moly-filled 10 feet tall nylon rods. The exhibit looks amazing, but it really comes to life when you interact with it. People are encouraged to walk through the field and interact with the exhibit,…

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Our 5 Favorite Marketing Campaigns

1. Share a Coke The Share a Coke campaign is a campaign that involved changing the Coke name on the side of a Coke bottle, and replacing it with someone’s individual name. The idea was that people will go and find a bottle with their own or their friends’ name on it. The campaign was…

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