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Software/ERP Designed To Enhance Quality Of Life

Break the Barrier Innovation (BTBI) is an interactive software focused on enhancing the quality of life, care and support of the special needs community through the advancement, development and the application of technology. Capitalizing on years of experience as a support worker myself, and as an information technology entrepreneur building R&D solutions designed to engage customers and create efficiencies for businesses, it’s evident that what has become common practice tools for my team can easily become game changing applications for the special needs community. Our interactive tools can be applied by agencies, support staff, guardians and special needs individuals in order to organize and enhance the quality of care and accessibility.

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What Can You Expect From Us

Enhanced Business Efficiency
Improved Productivity
Simple Process Management
User Friendly Interface
Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
Resource Management
Projections & Mapping
Implementation & Training
What You Can Expect From Us

Take Control of Your Business

Take Control of Your Business

Break the Barrier Innovation brings businesses together, enhancing their ability to organize, configure, structure and implement processes to help ensure success!

Bring structure to your business with our proven agile process management and business infrastructure software, enhancing overall performance and communication. Whether you’re looking to organize and enhance your day-to-day or to connect and coordinate multiple departments to get everyone working toward the same goals, Break the Barrier Innovation never stops working. We provide accessibility and guidance 24/7, ensuring valuable information needed to make the right choices for success is always available.

Strategic Collaboration

Break the Barrier Innovation is designed specifically to help teams perform, increasing communication and inspiring team and individual accountability.

Take the guesswork out of your business and bring real-time communication to your team. Collaborative tools empower your team, enhancing their ability to perform, and bring a level of transparency to your business that’s appreciated at all levels.

Strategic Collaboration

Measurable KPI's

Measurable KPI’s

Break the Barrier Innovation automates business tools, providing coordinated scheduling and lean operational efficiency to enhance day-to-day operations and overall communication.

Our software is designed to be simple. It enhances each department’s efficiency with easy-to-use digital tools and applications that create impact for your business and streamline processes. Break the Barrier Innovation empowers your team to perform, breaking down operational processes and integrating innovative applications that make working and accomplishing more on a daily basis simple.

Real-Time Transparency

Break the Barrier Innovation allows businesses, teams and individuals to work closer than ever. Our web-based, detail-oriented applications keep everyone and every detail on track for success.

Working 24/7, our software is always available to provide up-to-date details on every aspect of your business. Break the Barrier Innovation reports on and logs every department, team and individual it interacts with, keeping the business informed with accurate, detailed information at all times.

Real-Time Transparency

Break the Barrier Innovation

Client Information Management
All data is encrypted, ensuring proper management and security of client, staff, scheduling and accounting data entered and stored in the software.

From digital intake processes to caseload, support and client information tracking, Break the Barrier Innovation empowers agencies to securely access, manage, track, monitor and report on all engagements. Ensuring no details get missed, whether you’re in an emergency situation and need access to confidential and secure information to ensure you’re reacting in the best interests of the individual you’re supporting; or simply ensuring medical details and medication practices are accurate and up to date, BTBI is always available, securely working 24/7.

Real-Time Agile Project Management
Internal/External Communication
Membership & Program Management
With build your own forms, membership, and program applications and tools, Break the Barrier Innovation makes managing and executing programs simpler than ever.

Start to finish digital tools allow you to intake, process, manage and keep your programs up to date. Stop managing your business in worksheets and other workaround programs, and empower your team with the one tool that brings your entire agency closer together. We provide secure information sharing with transparent operations and seamless communication to get your agency organized and running the way you need it to.

Digital Charting, Medication Tracking & Incident Reporting
Empower your team with up-to-date client information, and ensure that your agency processes and client requirements are followed in every engagement.

With countless digital forms, log notes, incident reporting and charting templates to choose from and customize to your needs, Break the Barrier Innovation makes securing accurate, detail-oriented information simple. What does this mean for you? Every staff, contractor, client and vendor file in the software will always be 100% up to date, with logged activity profiles that show who did what, when and where. The simplicity of digital charting, digital signatures and ongoing alert systems ensure that the right details are attended to and being executed every day.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Points of Sale (POS), Invoicing & Accounting
Complete Resource Management
Break the Barrier Innovation isn’t just focused on the agency providing support; our software also comes stacked with resources and tools for parents, guardians, special needs individuals, funding groups and donors.

With a complete contact management and CRM system built-in to the platform, your agency can manage donors, volunteers and target marketing, and communicate both internally and externally like never before. With easy-to-use event, fundraising and organizational tools, we make resource management simple.

    The power to configure your own software ensures Break the Barrier Innovation works the way you need it to.


    Configurable security features protect your business information and provide a completely self-manageable platform for all who access it.


    With access to up-to-date information, our software is always collecting data, analyzing on your behalf, updating reporting and giving your team access to collaborate from anywhere in the world.


Configuration Tools

Safe & Secure

Remotely Accessible

    Get your entire team working together like never before, coordinating and collaborating in real-time.


    Intuitive and interactive calendars, quick action icons, timers and time tracking systems, as well as deliverable assignment and tracking systems.


Scrum Team Management

Scheduling, Time Sheets & Accountability Tracking

Planners, Day Sheets & Safety

Analytics & Reporting
    Day sheets, interactive planners, alert systems and a unique UX design that simplifies day-to-day operations.


    Configurable reporting structures that match each department, security level and individual’s needs.


    With a built-in CRM, one search provides up-to-date answers on exactly what you need to know about each contact.


    Remote access to configurable forms ensure you always have the ability to execute.


    Manage lead generation, sales funnels, communication drips and tracking systems from the palm of your hand.


    Our software empowers you to to remotely track and monitor with ease.


Contact Management

Digital Forms

Sales Lead Tracking

Information Gathering

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