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Business Pain Points – Part One – Your Company

When Fresh Focus Media works with your company, we find it’s always important to first look at your internal business processes, because how can you best serve your customers if your company is not running efficiently itself? Some of the following points may be ones your company is facing, and Fresh Focus Media has the answers. If you are nodding along to any of the following statements, then Fresh Focus Media is your business solution.


1. Communication between departments isn’t what it could be.

Effective communication can create a more productive and satisfied team. We work with you to establish the best ways to collaborate through the software, so that goals and objectives can be clearly understood.

Our daily Scrum based model encourages stronger communication throughout your company. These types of communication standards not only set your team in the right direction; but it helps us provide our best and most consistent service to you.


2. Adding people doesn’t fix the issues; the issue is process management. Process management can be a hard thing to solidify while a business is growing and changing.

Our support and customizable applications allow you to work with the latest technologies, streamlining day to day operations and increasing operational efficiencies. The goal is to enhance and monitor your business standards, while creating goal tracking essentials such as instant reporting that is securely accessible anywhere.


3. Accountability is discussed, but not measured.

Accountability is essential in order for a growing business to learn and excel. We help you manage and execute tasks, while bringing everyone on the same page and setting your team up for success.

Fresh Focus Media projects are maintained with customized work logs for best tracking. This includes meeting agendas, notes, reported deliverables and quality assurance checks. Your business can remotely report what’s being done, what’s left to do and what’s being completed on each particular project.


4. Your sales staff aren’t armed with the right information.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows your team to work more effectively with potential and current customers, providing the ability to have all customer information in one place. Track tasks, prospects, leads, events and accurately organize with automatic calendar features.


5. Estimates/quotes aren’t always accurate, taking too long to produce.

Our tools help enhance and streamline your processes by putting you in control of all estimates/quotes, keeping you up to date on customization and tracking variables. Our customized software allows your staff to create accurate, detailed quotes quickly and correctly, with the look and feel that matches your business.

We know that not all processes are the same; that’s why we have a variety of configurations for you to chose from, tailoring our support to your business.


If you’ve experienced any of these problems, let us walk you through our solutions, making Fresh Focus Media the solution to your business pains. Visit for more information.