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In the field services arena, operational efficiency is the name of the game. It is the single most definitive value proposition—achieved through automation and software optimization—that decides the industry’s merit. “Businesses have been trying to piece together solutions using a wide variety of software and tools that fix one or two problems. But a lot of the software out there only does what it’s told and doesn’t make recommendations. It doesn’t learn from the user or try and prepare them for the next situation that might occur,” begins Kenneth Bond, a thought leader, software artisan, and CEO of ROOK Connect.

Bond’s comprehension of trends within the field services arena, encompassing various business operations such as customer orders, planning, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and inventory, distribution, commerce, and retail, in addition to reporting and analytics functions, provides businesses the much-needed agility to achieve the necessary operational efficiency. And, ROOK Connect delivers precisely that – disruptive optimization software for business transformation. “Businesses are losing money, as they’re trying to take off the-shelf solutions and fit their business to those solutions. ROOK Connect works with businesses not only to ensure that the software works precisely as they need it but also fuel the business with CRM, ERP, and BI capabilities,” adds the CEO.

Experts at using software to solve business problems, ROOK Connect has built application-specific solutions to achieve the aforementioned operational efficiency across multiple business avenues. It empowers clients to make their businesses leaner, better, and faster. By organizing and classifying all business resources and assets working together, ROOK Connect can drive revenues and support transformative developments as the business evolves, thereby increasing clients’ overall returns. By evaluating its clientele’s needs and requirements, ROOK Connect purpose-builds solutions while incorporating continual feedback. This approach proves to be highly beneficial when compared against the one-size-fits all strategy employed by the mainstream vendors in the marketplace. The software developed by ROOK Connect learns from the business that is using it and tries to obtain actionable insights, thereby enabling clients to achieve greater profitability with the assets and staff at hand.

Bond encapsulates these purpose-built solutions’ advantages by throwing light on businesses’ hesitation in adopting newer automation technology. “Businesses don’t understand all that software and technology can do for them; hence they shy away from eventual adoption instead of investigating and learning more about these solutions. ROOK Connect works with businesses of all levels and at all stages. Our solutions are built to adapt, grow, and help businesses reach all new heights. That means starting small and adding solutions as needed, sometimes developing workflows and systems to operate better. We’ve got specialists that do it all.”

The story of ROOK Connect is one of continual growth and constant evolution. With a wide range of business tools (far too many to mention) and an extensive user base, ROOK Connect focuses on quality programming and simple, easy to use interfaces. Working in and with a wide variety of industries and markets, ROOK Connect founder, Kenneth Bond, credits the success of the company to the solid base of customers the software has. “Our customers wouldn’t settle for a product that couldn’t outperform current products that solve individual business problems. They demanded increases in performance, productivity and reporting, on one platform that could give them all the tools they need to increase efficiency. That’s what ROOK Connect does for our customers and your entire business and customer process, from start to finish, on one platform.” With one of the largest product offerings on the market today, ROOK Connect revenues and customer success stories are nothing short of amazing.

Master Craftsmen of Automation Technology

By developing use-case-specific applications, ROOK Connect maximizes the utilization of data aggregated on its technological solution stack; upon capturing the necessary information, it is used for predictive analytics, reporting, and more, while deriving greater efficiencies from business workflows. To elaborate, in a world where most software vendors pass off glorified excel sheets as practical solutions, ROOK Connect initiates every client engagement as opportunities for maximum data optimization. The company indulges in detailed discussions with clients and captures data from numerous sources to analyze and extrapolate information from front-end users, driving multiple efficiencies across the business regime. From a field service perspective, such a skill set could draw meaningful insights that can better serve the users or improve operational efficiencies. Bond explains the merit of these insights through an analogy.

“In the field services arena, such information can help interpret data that is available from the front end. For instance, clients could learn what equipment could be used in a certain situation to maximize utility, the staff that would best suit a certain use case, or glean analytics relevant to the equipment or process in consideration. ROOK Connect, through its software, provides users the information that they would need in realtime, enabling them to do their jobs in a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective manner,” explains the CEO.

By dint of this problem-solving mindset, ROOK Connect ensures that businesses need not fit into software but rather have the software fit into the business. Software craftsmen at ROOK Connect have mastered this art of weaving solutions that shroud the responsibility of generating value. Bond terms this approach as the actual evolution of data-driven solutions. “What we try to do is develop solutions that become tools for consistent revenue generation for the people utilizing them,” he adds. The CEO emphasizes that such a skill set is forged through mutual respect and dedication to the field of operation. Each with a skill of their own, the ROOK Connect team works directly with the front-line users and business owners that rely on their product, thereby understanding their necessities better and continually improving its solution set.

Reengineering Field Service Optimization

ROOK Connect energizes the entirety of field services, encompassing multiple business-critical functions such as sales and customer relationship management, quoting and estimation, resource and asset management, and reporting and big data analytics. It also facilitates distribution, routing, and real-time tracking of product/service delivery.

Coupled with its end-to-end supply chain management and logistics capabilities, ROOK Connect offers customers the complete package of software-driven optimization solutions that empower business owners to minimize resource consumption and maximize revenue generation function within their enterprise. Irrespective of the need of the hour, all of these functionalities are delivered through interactive touch screens with depth layering capabilities, RFID with automatic tagged triggering functions, QR codes and automated safety applications, targeted audio channels with a direct line of sight, and augmented and virtual reality capabilities.

“Some customers need a basic solution, inclusive of field ticketing, inventory management, and invoicing, while others need a complete business in a software, everything from Lead Generation tracking, to estimating, Staff & Contractor management, all the way through to day-to-day operations, invoicing, financial planning, and business analytics,” explains Bond. ROOK Connect studies these prerequisites by conducting a requirement analysis with clients. While the traditional approach to requirement analysis involved the client detailing their needs to the software vendor, the ROOK Connect modus operandi goes a step further by responding to clients with everything that software can achieve to make the business faster, leaner, and better.

A Thought Leader at the Helm

Reflecting on his mantra for success, Bond says that his company has eliminated all the guesswork that clients would have to do to find and implement a suitable solution into their business ecosystem. Bond ensures to consistently engage with a select group of businesses and review software for different use cases – a practice that dates back to the CEO’s tenure as a process manager for various marketing firms. “When I was building processes, digital tools for franchise, and marketing plans for companies, I was enamored with how software could answer all of the questions that we were either wasting our time with or had us pinned down for a while. And, that led us to develop custom software for our clients, precisely based on their requirements,” he says. This personalized touch to software development ensures that ROOK Connect enjoys more clients through referral than other growth channels, while the customized solution translates to return on investments.

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