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Strategic Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved into a marketing necessity for all businesses in today’s world. If you’re not getting real results from your social media, you’re more than likely just not utilizing the available tools properly. Working in collaboration with you, setting realistic goals and objectives, our team will facilitate and implement marketing strategies designed to get your business the tangible, reportable results you’re after.

Impactful Communication Strategies

Using direct messaging, stimulating visuals and a focus on impactful engagement, Fresh Focus Media communication strategies generate real return for your business through thoughtful and deliberate online community engagement. Our teams will collaborate to construct the right communication strategy, generating real value for your company through deliberate content and impactful visual effects.


Fresh Focus Media will meet with you so we can collaboratively capture all of the initial information about your social media expectations. We take you through a social media start-up and blog questionnaire so we can establish the overall goals, tone, conversation, audience, language, purpose and conversation you would like to convey. From this session, we will formulate the monthly plan with clear goals, and confirm plans for content and image to create a cohesive social media plan.


Social Media Report & Internal Review

Fresh Focus Media will conduct a monthly review of your social media. We will review what is working currently and what needs to be changed so you can receive the best coverage possible.

Fresh Focus Media will have full access to how you are being received on social media, updating you on your post reach, page likes, notifications and other social media metrics. You will meet with your social media representative to go over everything that was planned to review what worked, what didn’t and what the plan will be going forward based on those results. This keeps your social media presence constantly changing to adapt to feedback from your target markets and online audience.

Focused Result Driven Processes

Marketing plans are only as good as the execution that follows. Fresh Focus Media will guide you through the creative processes and engagement-building strategies your business requires to build and capitalize on a targeted online community. Effectively capitalizing on social media and online networking requires constant maintenance and attention, with results driven through engagement and the strategic delivery of quality messaging and visuals.

The Right Social Media Channels

All social media channels have their advantages and limitations; the right social media strategy takes into account what channels and outlets are best optimized for your business. At Fresh Focus Media, we work collaboratively with you and your team to implement a powerful and fitting strategy, capitalizing on all social mediums that provide your company with the voice it needs to reach your overall goals and objectives.


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