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Accelerate Your Business with the Right Support

Accelerate Your Business with the Right Support

Our Support Packages will help you feel at ease with Your Business. Fresh Focus Media not only aids in the strategy and delivery of digital media applications; we handle the creative, development and implementation, and we support you throughout the entire project by tracking results and updating the project as needed. Fresh Focus Media brings…

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Accelerate Your Business with the Right Support

4 Ways Developments in 3D Printing May Change Your Life

3D Printing

3D printing is in the process of revolutionizing everything we do, from buying a car to getting medical help. The technology of 3D printing has become so advanced that what seemed like fantasy just years ago now seems applicable and executable within our lifespans! While almost unbelievable, here are some options where you may find…

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3D Printing

5 New Technologies That Belong In Sci-fi Movies

1. Circet Bracelet In the latest phone technology the phone screens keep getting bigger and bigger, but a company called Circet is thinking differently, by removing the screen completely! Circet is developing a bracelet where it uses your skin as the screen, using a projector in the bracelet it projects onto your skin and spatial…

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SIXon23rd Launch Event

The Mckay Cushman Group is a realtor group that if you’re buying, selling, investing, or seeking corporate representation, will bring a new level of professionalism to your decisions. The team is compromised of Ashley Mckay, Sarah Cushman, and Caitlin Devall, who are all experienced professionals that are focused on helping you. They recently celebrated a launch…

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