Our 5 Favorite Marketing Campaigns

July 16, 2015 5:36 pm | Category:

1. Share a Coke

The Share a Coke campaign is a campaign that involved changing the Coke name on the side of a Coke bottle, and replacing it with someone’s individual name. The idea was that people will go and find a bottle with their own or their friends’ name on it. The campaign was a huge success! In the UK they had over a thousand names on their bottles, 998 million impressions on twitter, and over 150 million personalized bottles sold, and that was just in 2014! The campaign did so well that they now offer customizable bottles where anyone is able to get their name on a bottle!


2. Whopper Sacrifice

The goal of this campaign was to reinforce the product as well as how much you like it. The campaign involved you getting a free Burger King Whopper, however there is a hitch, to do so you had to delete 10 of your friends off Facebook. The friend who was “sacrificed” not only gets removed but they receive an update on their wall informing them that they have been “sacrificed for a Whopper”. The campaign was shut down by Facebook for breaching their terms of service, however it was already cemented as one of the best viral marketing campaigns.


3. Evian Live Young Campaign

Evian wanted to try and represent their water as a product that will keep you young at heart, and they did that through their Live Young campaign. The campaign involved multiple ads focusing on adults with baby counterparts, which captured the message of no matter how old you are you can still be young at heart. Their most famous ad piece was the Baby and Me video, that quickly spread across the internet with currently over 100 million views on YouTube.


4. Ship Your Pants

Kmart will send items directly to your home for free if you can’t find what you need in a store. Kmart, who at the time wasn’t doing so well, took a risk and created this slightly immature ad campaign that will likely put a smile on your face. The ad went viral almost instantly racking up millions of YouTube views and thousands of Facebook likes, however it wasn’t quite enough to kickstart Kmart out from their slump. Enjoy the commercial below!


5. Natural Beauty Campaign

The Natural Beauty Campaign was created to “create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety”. The most famous of the ads from this campaign was the Dove Real Beauty Sketches. The ad had people describe themselves to a criminal sketch artist, where he then proceeded to draw them based on their own descriptions. We will let the video speak for itself, but it was very well received and has spearheaded their campaigns since.