Our Top 10 Art Installations

July 23, 2015 10:11 pm | Category:


1. Daniel Lyman’s SWAY’D

Daniel Lyman’s installation in Salt Lake City is a piece that is made up of 1,000 moly-filled 10 feet tall nylon rods. The exhibit looks amazing, but it really comes to life when you interact with it. People are encouraged to walk through the field and interact with the exhibit, which makes the rods sway, recreating walking in a field of grass. Watch the video below to see!

2. DUS Architects Bubble Building

The piece was formed for a festival in Rotterdam. 20 Hexagonal basins filled with bubble solution and removable steel frames allowed the public to be their own architects. The frames worked as giant bubble wands erecting walls made of bubble solution. Watch below to see people creating their own “Bubble Buildings”!


MÖBIUS, is a piece that was created in Melbourne, Australia. The sculpture moves through the day undetectable to the naked eye, however if you create a time-lapse video like the one below you can see it go through it’s cycle.

4. The Eye by Tony Tasset

There is nothing quite as unnerving as having a giant eye stare you down as you walk by. We assume that was the emotion Tony Tasset was going for when he created the giant fibre glass eye for chicago.  The eye stands 30 feet tall and was erected by the Sparta, Wis.-based F.A.S.T. Corporation. Watch the video of its eerie creation below.


5. Spider Projection by Friedrich van Schoor

People with arachnophobia – you have been warned. The spider projection project by Friedrich van Schoor was a project that involved filming spiders in a tank then projecting it onto a building with the same proportions. We guess the following antics gave a few people a heart attack who weren’t aware of the installation. Watch the video below to see “The Spider Room”.

6. The Silent Evolution by Jason de Caires Taylo

The Silent Evolution is an exhibit that may be a bit hard to go witness yourself, unless you have easy access to scuba gear. Much like the rest of Jason de Caires Taylo’s pieces it is completely underwater; the piece is meant promote environmental friendless in the ocean. The sculptures are made of environmentally-friendly materials which promote coral growth. This allows for the sculpture to become part of the ocean and slowly evolve as it ages. Watch the video below to see!


7. Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home by Do Ho Suh

Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home, while a bit of a lengthy title, is an accurate description of the piece. The installation is essentially a russian doll of places Do Ho Suh has lived, meticulously measured and recreated out of fabric. The video below really expands one’s sense of spatial awareness into how they live.


8. The Melting Man by Nele Azevedo

The temporary installation involves 1000 sculpted ice men all sitting on stairs all around the world. The Melting Man’s message is promoting the melting of the icecaps. The melting of the piece takes a mere 30 minutes and symbolizes the effects of global warming. The entire piece is captured on the video below.


9. The Blur Building by Diller & Scofidio

The Blur Building extracts water below it and shoots it out using high pressure steel jets, the result being a huge cloak of fog surrounding the building. You can walk down the ramp to the center of the platform where you will be completely enveloped in the fog. The spray also adjusts itself according to the surrounding climate! You really can’t imagine the effect without looking at the video below!


10. The Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

We keep with the weather theme in our 10th choice, our final instillation is “The Snow”. The exhibit is a huge 15-metre long tank, which within is hundreds of kilograms of feathers that get blown around replicating snow. The theme of the exhibition is to rethink your perception of nature, and the unconscious human power to sense nature in anything. The video below shows off the immersive exhibit!