Why Would I Need Field Service Software?

November 19, 2015 7:00 pm | Category:

If you are debating if your company needs field service software, below are five reasons why you should consider setting up software customized specifically for you:

1. Keeping Track of your Workforce.

Your workforce can be spread all over the country in multiple locations, and it can be difficult to know where everyone is, what job they are doing, and if they are near any places which need work done. When you have all this information accessible from the cloud, is something that is just a finger tap away. You will be able to run this software all from your phones or tablet. This allows you to have clarity of where your crew is in real time, so you no longer have to waste time finding out who should be doing what.

2. Access Information in Real Time.

You know longer will have to wait for your employees to finish their job, bring and submit their paperwork, and then bring the payments to the office. Using software you can have all the information inputted at the job site and in real time. You will be able to access payment and job information instantly anywhere and anytime.

3. Information on the Fly.

All your information for previous jobs, invoices for clients, client information, or work schedules, are completely accessible from the cloud. Your phone and tablet will be able to view all this information from anywhere, if you are in the office or on the other side of the country. Location doesn’t have to be a handicap for you and your business.

4. Eliminate double-data entry.

No longer re-input the same invoices twice, gone are the days of writing an invoice then transferring it again to the computer once you return to the office. Input the data directly into the cloud and have it instantly transferred into your database, no more double submitting data. Eliminating as much paper-work as possible allows your employees to utilize their and your time effectively.

5. Keep Your Information Secure.

No longer too you have to be scared if your computer breaks down, or your servers get water damage. In the cloud all your data is stored inside a secure facility dedicated to protecting your information. Easily update your software so you don’t have to worry about running on outdated policies or programs.